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Ask the Experts: When Is the Best Time to Perform Plyos

by Andy Haley

Screen shot 2011 07 15 at 2.10.39 PM Ask the Experts: When Is the Best Time to Perform Plyos

Q: When is the best time during a workout to perform plyometrics?

A: The primary objectives of plyometrics are speed, quickness and explosive power, not conditioning and fatigue. Thus, plyometric training is best done early in the workout, immediately following the dynamic warm-up/movement prep work. That is how U.S. Women’s soccer star Abby Wambach incorporates Box Jumps (pictured above) into her off-season training.

Plyometrics should not be overused. They should be performed two to three times a week with 48 hours of recovery between sessions. Plyometrics can also be worked into the heart of a workout by combining a weight-based exercise with a plyometric exercise. For example, Box Jumps can be performed after a set of Back Squats.

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