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Ask the Experts: How Long Should I Recover Before the Season?

by Andy Haley
Candace Parker Dunk Ask the Experts: How Long Should I Recover Before the Season?

Candace Parker dunking

Q: How often should I have a recovery period, with no weightlifting or intense exercise, and how long should it last?

A: The frequency and length of your recovery period depend primarily on the length of your workout program and the current season. For example, a 12-week off-season weightlifting program should be divided into phases, and the final week should be an Active Recovery/Transition phase, to eliminate fatigue and allow your body to totally recover—more effectively than complete inactivity would. During this phase, you should perform two to three low-volume workouts per week, each consisting of a couple of sets of eight to 10 reps per exercise.

However, athletes entering the post-season will benefit more from a couple weeks off than from any form of physical activity.

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