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Ask the Experts: How Can I Squat Lower?

by Andy Haley

Back Squat 629x434 Ask the Experts: How Can I Squat Lower?

Q: How can I Squat lower?

A: Squat depth is an issue for many athletes, especially those who don’t regularly do the exercise or keep up with their mobility. Failing to squat through its intended range of motion can limit your strength gains—specifically in the joint angle that you fail to reach—and cause further mobility issues.

The first thing you should do is lighten the weight. When you perform the Squat, focus on lowering until your thighs are parallel to the ground. You won’t have as much weight on the bar, but you will actually benefit more from the exercise.

Second, work on your full-body mobility, especially in the t-spine (mid to upper back), hips and ankles. To do so, try foam rolling, dynamic and static mobility exercises, or yoga-inspired moves.

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